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Allensford Waterfalls - River Derwent

I've been to this waterfall before with a friend as part of a walk, but it was almost dark and so I didn't really get to fully appreciate it. I went back at the weekend while I had some time off and I was surprised at how gorgeous this waterfall actually is.

It's about a ten minute walk on a public footpath from the A68 through some high grasses and slight woodlands, and then all of a sudden you're upon it.

The woods are absolutely gorgeous this time of year with all of the crisp autumnal colours and I think what I like most about this place is that the ground is so hilly and varied that it really feels like something out of a fantasy book.

I actually remembered my tripod AND my sd card for my camera this time so I set about taking some long exposure shots of the waterfalls and surrounding waters, some of which came out amazing and I'm already excited to practice some more.

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