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Ashgill Force | North Pennines

Not only is the drive to Ashgill Force one of the most stunning drives, but the waterfall itself is so unique and impressive and I've never seen one quite like it. It's a large waterfall but it's framed by the bridge overhead and it makes for such a gorgeous sight.

The drive takes you through the Pennines with stunning views across the hills, and if you time it right coming back at golden hour is absolutely beautiful.

It's a bit unclear how you actually get down to the waterfall, and for all I followed a public footpath I very quickly got myself a bit off track and ended up thigh deep in nettles (with a dress on I might add) and having to climb over a barbed wire fence. I eventually found an actual pathway though, and the walk towards the falls are stunning.

I didn't get many photos since I forgot to put the SD into my camera AGAIN, but there are a few smaller falls on the way up the river towards Ashgill, but the main event is the very last one.

From first view it's so towering and imposing you can't help but stop for a minute to appreciate it. It was pretty muddy so watch your step, but this place is so impressive it's definitely worth the hassle of getting down there!

I'll update this when I visit again with my camera this time, and once I figure out the actual route to get down!

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