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august adventures - a recap

As if we needed another reminder that we're yet another month closer to Christmas, it's now bloody September! This last month has absolutely flown by and I'm so proud of myself for all of the adventures I managed to get up to, both alone and with some friends!

So, I've decided to do a little august recap: a little mention of all the places I've visited this month alone, plus some ideas for September.

1 - Hill End

My first little jaunt out in my car and such a milestone one. I'd wanted to go to Hill End since forever and finally doing so made me feel like I could actually GO on adventures and explore new places.

2 - Derwent Reservoir

Another scary drive back when I was still getting used to driving again where I nearly crashed my car because a bee was adamant on getting into my car through the window, but a lovely place for a jaunt out.

3 - Rydal Caves & Skellwith Force

My second ever time visiting the Lake District and thankful one where I wasn't at the wheel. I went here with two friends on what began as a god awful rainy day but ended up being a brilliant day out.

4 - Tunstall Reservoir

A gorgeous, gorgeous little reservoir near Wolsingham that I absolutely loved!

5 - Waskerley Reservoir

A pretty little reservoir among the moors with some lush walks among the heather nearby.

6 - Simonside Hills

The latest jaunt out with a friend and her dog to Northumberland National Park and up to the famous craggy hills. I literally loved this place so so much and already can't wait to go back at some point. I even surprised myself with my fitness since I didn't feel like I was going to keel over before I even got to the summit.

7 - Thrunton Woods

The second stop in a busy day of exploring and a gorgeous one. So many pretty little views on the way through the woods but the best part is definitely right at the very top - worth the effort of getting up there!

8 - Druridge Bay

I didn't get any photos here because I wanted to just enjoy being back at one of my favourite beaches ever. Everything about this beach just sets my soul at ease.

9 - High Force

Another place I've been meaning to visit for bloody ages and finally got around to! We managed to see a gorgeous sunset over the river too, but again I didn't bring my camera on this one.

A bloody mint month of adventures and new places and memories and I'm super excited to see what September brings. I'll hopefully manage a few trips up to Northumberland National Park again and I also want to explore a lot more town locations this month too.

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