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Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Eating healthy on the road is not always easy. Even when you are travelling around tropical islands that boast and abundance of fresh fish, vegetables, fruits and herbs, thanks to the rise of Western fads and the ease of slipping back into familiar foods (i.e. anything with chips) travellers often find themselves gaining weight and feeling sluggish.

Thankfully, Bali is somewhere where these tempting treats can be easily avoided. Although the resort towns of Kuta and Seminyak have found themselves swamped with American restaurant chains and other Western sugary treats, their reliance on what nature gifted their tiny island hasn’t gone astray. In fact, in a recent trip to Bali, I stayed in one of these so-called ‘party towns’, and discovered a delightful little deli right in the heart of Seminyak which was easy on both the stomach and our limited backpacker budgets.

The Spicery Deli and Bistro | Bali

The Spicery Deli and Bistro is an interesting ‘cheap eats’ find. Not only do they offer a HUGE menu in their bistro-style restaurant, suited for the local and traveller alike, but they also run a popular delicatessen and even daily cooking classes. During our visit, we sampled only the bistro during its popular lunch hour, although the tempting delights of the deli were admittedly hard to resist…especially all of that cheese!

Feeling homesick, and craving something that didn’t come with rice (our breakfast for the past few days had consisted of different variations of the stuff), my boyfriend and I both opted for a pizza, of which there were many. I’ve been to Italians both in the UK and even in Italy where the selection of pizza on offer wasn’t as big as it is at The Spicery.

They even have a section of ‘Asian Pizzas’, consisting of curry pizzas, seafood pizzas, and even the famous Indonesian dish ‘nasi goreng’…on a pizza. My boyfriend was evidently feeling slightly more adventurous than I, and opted for a Thai Green Curry pizza that smelled and looked absolutely amazing, even if a little bizarre. I myself had a classic Italian-style pizza with mozzarella and sliced meats. Can’t go wrong with a little simplicity after all.

The Spicery Deli and Bistro | Bali

Now, you may be thinking ‘Pizza?! I thought you said The Spicery would be good for healthy eating?’, but bear with me and don’t stop reading just yet. The main chef at The Spicery insists that their menu consists of Bali’s finest ingredients, with ‘early morning trips to Jimbaran Bay for fresh catches of the day, buying herbs and lettuce straight after pickings from Bedugul, tomatoes from Bangli and foraging for Bali’s more exotic ingredients like cacao pods, bourbon vanilla beans, zucchini flowers and malingo berries ensures a rich variety of tastes on your palate’, as quoted from their website.

How heavenly and more importantly healthy does that all sound? Other features on the menu include squid, an array of sandwiches, crispy duck, and even falafel. They also have a fabulous juice list for those attempting a cleanse, holiday detox, or just looking to cool down in the sticky summer heat.

The Spicery Deli and Bistro | Bali

What’s more, eating like this won’t set you back a fortune. Our final bill for two pizzas (big pizzas might I add, we had to request some takeaway boxes), two Bintang’s (Indonesian beer) and a ridiculously refreshing lemon and lime juice, came to just 260K IDR…that’s about £15. Fresher and healthier eating has never tasted and looked so good.


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