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Druids Temple | North Yorkshire

Before our government announced yet another lockdown, I made the drive to one of the coolest places I've ever been. I am such a glutton for anything ancient and historic, and especially if that history includes paganism or witchcraft.

Whilst I was super disappointed to realise this wasn't a legit druid's temple, and rather just a replica/rendition of one, it's still easily the coolest thing to see and explore. Like with Finchale Priory, I struggled a bit to get good photos here.

Apart from one very noisy family who later left, there were virtually no people around. You have to pay a £3 entry fee per car which is done on a trust basis - you write your registration on an envelope and pop your coins inside and post it inside the box.

The trails are a lot smaller than they look on the maps and you make it to the temple in less than two minutes along the first track, but there's a gorgeous woodlands trail you can follow, and another trail that takes you along the side of the forest and down towards the reservoir then back up through the woods where the path meets the carpark again.

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