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gaining a stone in vegas

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

It's no secret that America has absolutely no shortage of artery-clogging foods to gorge yourself on, and it's also no secret that I love my food. Having never been to America before, I knew I was in for one hell of a treat, mostly in the form of pancakes and crackerbarrel.

First stop on the agenda was IHOP for my first taste of proper American pancakes. In typical American style, I ordered a whole stack with bacon and a side of mozzarella sticks, trying all the syrups I could get my hands on. Holy pancakes. Unbelievable and definitely more filling than I anticipated.

Next up: burgers and onion rings. I've had no shortage of burgers and onion rings back in the UK, but I figured American burgers and onion rings have got to be better right?

Now, in the UK, if you ask for a side of onion rings you'll get around six, seven rings if you're lucky. That is definitely not the fucking case in America. These onion rings were a whole meal.

Then came the biggest culinary palate blessing I've ever experienced: cracker barrel. Baring in mind that we had to wait like 40 minutes for a table, I had hella high expectations and boy were they exceeded.

Quite possibly the best pancakes, bacon, syrup, and hash browns (which, btw, are like a hash brown casserole?? Unreal.) I've had to date. You Americans are lucky, lucky people.

Last but not least, Hard Rock Cafe. I'll admit I'm not crazy for Hard Rock Cafe the way the rest of the world seems to be, but the food was pretty good and the view was spectacular!

Did I eat my weight in food? Yes. Was it worth it? Abso-fuckin-lutely. God bless America xx

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