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Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Wow, it has literally been like a year since I last wrote something on this little blog of mine and a lot has changed, but long story short: since coming out of lockdown I've decided to really start going for what I want this next year or two, starting with the outdoors.

I follow so many mint people on Instagram who are constantly out exploring and discovering new places, insane views and just generally living, and it's strengthened my resolve to do the same.

Now that I actually have a car and can get to places without relying on public transport, I've got myself a whole list on the go of places in my local area and further afield that I want to explore, starting with: Hill End.

I've seen so many people I know visiting here, and since it's only about a half an hour drive from where I live and the drive isn't too difficult, I thought I'd start here. There's a small river that runs between both sides of the road, and a little woodland area with a swing over the river. So many families tend to bring camp chairs and picnics and sit by the river.

Then you have Hill End itself: a strange looking crater with lots of tele tubby style circular hills that you can walk up. There's a small lake of sorts in the middle with some tiny islands and a stone cropping at the outer edge where you can climb up onto the top of the ridge surrounding the lake.

Bring a picnic, a beer or a book and you're sorted with a bit of exploration and a nice view to chill by. If you're looking to go, type 'Hill End' into Google Maps and it'll bring you to the actual village of Hill End. All you need to do is continue down the road for around 2 minutes and you'll see it on your left hand side. It's pretty hard to miss!


The roads surrounding the Hill End area are some of the prettiest and most picturesque roads I know and you can find all sorts of local animals that provide perfect photo opportunities!

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