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housey crags & long crags | northumberland national park

Another Sunday adventure found us hiking up to Housey Crags, and later Long Crags, up in the Cheviot Hills range in Northumberland National Park. We'd set off at around 10am, and after several dead end lanes, three point turns, and a bag of drumstick squashies later, we arrived in a gorgeous valley in search of a waterfall.

We had our hearts set on this waterfall, so set off following the trail that would take us up the left side of the valley and across the tops. It's a pretty quick incline, and I'm not sure whether it was false confidence from Simonside Hills last weekend, or whether my body just wasn't in great condition this weekend, but I really struggled with this one.

It's the highest hill I've done so far at 460m, and bloody hell did I feel every metre! I had to stop an embarrassing number of times, as evidenced below, but once we reached the top it was a pretty fab feeling, as always.

The views from the top are stunning both across to other hills and back down below into the valley. The crags are a great spot to get some photos and we stopped and had our bagels here too.

From Long Craggs the route kinda splits into two different pathways, and since neither of us have any navigation skills whatsoever we took the right pathway towards Hedgehope Hill.

We got to the bottom of the 740m hill and since neither of us had energy for another hill in us, we took a probably quite stupid and dangerous risk to just cut down the hill and try to find the waterfall from the road instead.

After nearly breaking our ankles approximately three thousand times on bogs, uneven ground, deceiving looking grasses and downright gaping holes in the earth, we made it to the road again. Probably a very stupid decision, but one that thankfully ended up with a lot of laughs, a lot of mud and a lot of fatigue-induced hilarity.

Then we decided after a little walk along the road to just call it a day and we returned to the car, dipped our bare feet in the river, and sat and ate some chocolate on a little ledge by the river.

It's such a gorgeous area, and if you ignore the two hour detour and wrong turns we took to get there, it's actually not far from home at all!

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