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I climbed a glacier what the heck

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

If the title isn't a dead giveaway, then let me give you a clue: I climbed a fricking GLACIER! Oddly it was never something I thought to put on my list, I didn't even really notice that it was a 'thing'. Climbing mountains? Sure! But when I took my mam to Iceland a year ago (yes I'm only just writing about it now) I realised that climbing a glacier was very much something I wanted to do.

It was included in a tour I booked of the Southern Coast, and after some initial doubts about whether or not my mam would kill me for making her climb a bloody glacier, I went ahead and thought 'fuck it'.

So the day came, and after a few majestic waterfalls and towering mountains we came to Sólheimajökull I won't lie, seeing it in person I suddenly thought 'I'm never gonna be able to haul my fat arse up here christ', but we kitted up, were put through a safety demo and were on our way.

The walk along to the glacier was pretty long, but provided some amazing views, and plenty of time to psych myself up.

Having never even seen a bloody glacier, I was pretty taken aback at the fact that I'd be actually climbing this! For someone with a pretty bad level of fitness, the climb wasn't bad at all!

Whilst it might look pretty flat from the top, I can assure you that the ascent was pretty damn steep, needing ropes and pulleys on occasion.

Nothing beat the views and the sense of pride at the fact that not only had both of us made it up, but that we'd climbed a bloody glacier! So there it was, something ticked off my bucket list that I'd never even thought to add on. There's one thing for sure, this won't be my last glacier climb!

If you want to use the tour company I went with, you can find their website here. I'd 100% recommend!

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