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how vang vieng ended up being my most memorable part of laos

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

If you’re headed to Laos then chances are you’ll have heard of or seen people mention the famous party town of Vang Vieng. Notorious in previous years for hard drugs and tubing-fuelled deaths, Vang Vieng is a haven for party-goers, but that’s definitely not all there is.

Vang Vieng is pretty much an outdoor lover’s paradise. The scenery alone is incredible, but add in all the extra outdoor activities available and you’ve got the perfect base for a few days of exploring. I took barely any photos in Vang Vieng which was a nice change, but means you're gonna have to take my word on most of the points below!


Tubing is essentially a river bar crawl where you lazily float down the river, drink in hand, and stop off at various bars along the way. It usually lasts around six hours and depending on which hostel/company you tube with, the bars will vary.

I wasn’t going to do tubing but I’m so glad I did! It’s so much fun I did it twice - bear in mind drinks are pretty expensive, so buy your own spirit and mixer and bring them along with you.


Everywhere you go in Vang Vieng there are sand and dune buggies available for hire! I didn’t hire one myself but everyone that I spoke to had nothing but rave reviews for how fun they are - plus they make tackling Laos bumpy roads a lot easier!


If you’ve googled Vang Vieng then one particular view point will have likely shown up - the one at the top of a mountain with a motorbike to pose on. There are viewpoints like this all over Vang Vieng and I’d recommend making the journey to one because the views are simply insane!


Another popular thing to do in Vang Vieng is visit one of the many blue lagoons. The first one is the most famous and most tours bring you here, but I’d recommend hiring a motorbike/renting a tuktuk to bring you to the second or third ones - if you visit later in the day around 3-4pm they’re often pretty much empty and you have the space to yourself.


Vang Vieng will make a drinker out of anyone - I hardly drink but spent a solid three days getting drunk with people I’d met in the hostel. Bars and hostels offer free spirits during the evening hours so it’s super cheap to get drunk here.

There’s absolutely no shortage of things to do in Vang Vieng and if I’d had the money I’d have probably stayed another week purely and simply to do EVERYTHING it has to offer.

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