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loch leven hotel | scotland

I'll start this review by saying oh my gosh. If you pictured an 18th Century building nestled against the side of a tranquil Loch surrounded by snow capped mountains, the colours of autumn blending into the freshness of spring, you still wouldn't be able to grasp how picturesque this hotel is.

If you've ever been to the Scottish Highlands then you know how surreal the views are, from towering mountains to flowing rivers and wide lochs, and Loch Leven Hotel doesn't disappoint.


As I mentioned above, the hotel itself is located virtually on the Loch itself, meaning that not only do you get amazing views from the hotel, you can also take the two minute walk down to the edge of the Loch and make your way around the shores of pebble and driftwood.

There's so much character to Loch Leven, with little sailboats docked in the shallows and snow capped mountains to each side of the Loch. This place definitely brings out your adventurous side!

Whilst there are many a Loch in Scotland, Loch Leven is by far one of my favourites, alongside Loch Lomond.

The hotel itself is nestled in a little village of sorts, with an art gallery and an amazing jewellery workshop too- I recommend taking a look at the fabulous gifts for such low prices as they make fab souvenirs. It doesn't take long to walk around, so a leisurely stroll around the village is also recommended!


As soon as you enter the hotel you're greeted with a TON of information leaflets of the surrounding area which I always love, and I may or may not have taken one of each! The hotel itself is absolutely immaculate, and as soon as you arrive you're welcomed with open arms and a warm smile from the staff.

Not only are all of the staff lovely, but they're also super helpful and nothing seemed to be a bother if you simply asked! We were staying in a deluxe double room with a lochside view and we were not disappointed with the view!

The room itself was smaller than we expected, and more dated than we expected based on the images on the website. Potentially designed to be oldy-worldy (and I especially loved the wardrobe), the room was still beautiful and absolutely immaculate, and the bathroom was by far one of the best I've seen in a hotel of this size.

Provided with lush plump towels and a jacuzzi bath, it's fair to say the night was well spent relaxing after the day's travelling.


As a notoriously picky eater, I was pleasantly surprised at the selection offered at the hotel on an evening. From gorgeous looking surf and turf's to amazing tasting bread selections, the food we tried was absolutely amazing.

Not only was it well presented, but the portions were more than enough and the staff were super attentive and the dishes decently priced (and worth every penny!). It's definitely worth coming back, even just for the food!

A minor detail, and the only negative, we picked up on was that our room's window didn't shut or lock properly, and while it was lovely hearing the sounds of the night and the rushing of the Loch, it might be an issue in the colder months!

All in all, Loch Leven Hotel was a super hotel to stay in, with warm and comfortable rooms, absolutely stunning scenery, lovely and chatty staff and food that almost matched the views.

It has to be said that I don't think the room was worth the full price, and I would have been disappointed had we paid it, but for the £79.00 we did pay it was well worth it, and I'm already itching to be back!

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