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Loch Lomond and the cute little town of Luss

This March road trip was the first road trip I've done in Scotland, and since we were relying on our trusty SatNav, I didn't bother to really research the route, preferring to be pleasantly surprised at every bend in the road.

Loch Lomond was never in my radar, but it's a name that I'd heard mentioned a few times when talking about the Highlands, and let me tell you that it definitely needs to be included in your route!


At this point in time, I was already bouncing in my seat with excitement for all of the things I was going to see in Scotland, and so when glimpses of water appeared between the gaps in the trees, that excitement only grew.

Nestled in the Trossachs National Park, Loch Lomond is a pretty famous loch in Scotland, and for fair reason! Loch Lomond is easily the most beautiful loch that I've seen to date, surrounded by mountains and forests and clouded in mists that make for some of the most stunning photos!

As we turned the corner into the car park by the loch, I was literally squealing with excitement, and probably looked a little deranged at the time. Nothing can really convince you of how achingly stunning this loch is from every angle and aspect.

Boat trips are available from different points along the loch, which I'd definitely recommend booking because a lot of the loch is hidden from view of the roads, so to grasp the full beauty of this sizeable loch, a boat is necessary! Unfortunately, we didn't have the time to take a boat ride out onto the Loch but we're definitely making time for it the next chance we get!


We were recommended to stop in at Luss on our way back home by the lovely couple from Hill View Guest House, and we're SO glad they recommended it! Not only is Luss a small and quaint town, but it's also fairly hidden from the main roads so unless you knew it was there you'd miss this gem of a town!

Luss is the perfect break from driving, with picturesque cottages, stunning views of Loch Lomond and a tonne of unique shops and artistes.

For a small town it gets incredibly busy, so be prepared to dodge the crowds, especially in peak season! There's a small fee to pay for parking, but the town and views of the Loch Lomond are definitely worth the small price.

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