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Hi, I'm Nicole. I'm a travel blogger over at Lost In This Whole World. I blog about my travel experiences, dreams and ideas to help other 9-5ers make travel a priority in their lives. I live in London, where I've lived most of my life except the four years I spent in Birmingham for University and an extra year before moving back to the Capital.

WHY DID I CREATE THIS BLOG? I have written blogs off and on for the last fourteen years or so (aah LiveJournal, I remember you well). I thought I would start a travel blog because I love travelling and I wanted to exercise my creative muscles again as they were gathering dust in a corner. I also thought it would be a great way to document my travels to look back on in the future.


Wow 20. That's rather a lot, isn't it? Ok, here goes...

1 - I have an English degree from University of Birmingham. I wish I could say it was because I had this grand plan for my life but I didn't know what I wanted to do and I love reading, so what better way to spend three years than reading books other people think you should read. Hmm.

2 - I love Harry Potter and I'm a Hufflepuff because it's the best house, obvs. In 2005 I did Camp America and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was released that summer. I refused to buy the American version because the cover would not match my books back home so I avoided all spoilers until I was back in the UK and could buy a copy. 3 - Speaking of Harry Potter, my mates and I thought it would be fun to queue outside Waterstones for the last book. You may laugh, but actually it wasn't too bad and I got my hands on a copy at 2am. Alas I then had to get some sleep and do a full day of work before I could read it. (I then read it in a day...)

4 - One of my favourite books is To Kill A Mockingbird; I was really sad when Harper Lee died last year.

5 - I am a coffee snob and like finding good coffee when I go abroad. In Munich we went to Man vs Machine, they roast their own coffee and it was AMAZING. I bought some beans to take home and my bag smelt of delicious coffee by the time I got back to London.

6 - Being a coffee snob means I don't drink coffee from the likes of Costa or Starbucks. The exception for Starbucks is if I'm in a Disney Park and even then I have to put lots of syrup in to drown the taste of bad coffee. There is never an exception for Costa. Burnt coffee isn't cool, kids.

7 - I LOVE DISNEY. I treated myself to an annual pass for Disneyland Paris so I can go whenever I want!

8 - My favourite Disney movies are: Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, The Emperor's New Groove and Tangled. Oh wait, also Zootopia/Zootropolis because it is so relevant.

9 - When I was little and on holiday in the USA, they let me steer the boat on a Boston Duck Tour. I nearly crashed it into a wall. My dad was videoing me at the time...

10 - My favourite holiday was our five weeks in Australia during school summer holidays. I absolutely loved it and really want to go back to Australia again at some point in the future.

11 - Since I turned vegan, I don't go to zoos or aquariums anymore. I would love to go to the Antarctic and see the penguins there. It is firmly on my bucket list.

12 - I am a big ol' scaredy cat. I don't watch horror movies and don't like big rides or rollercoasters that go upside down (Space Mountain in Disneyland Paris is the exception). I absolutely will not go on rides that drop - Hollywood Tower of Terror and all Disney variations are a firm no.

13 - I am also scared of spiders. I want to go back to the Harry Potter Studio tour now that they have the Forbidden Forest section but don't want to face Arragog - though I have now found out that there is a 'spider free' route!

14 - I played roller derby - a contact sport on skates - for 6 years as part of the London Rockin' Rollers. I still try and make their games, you can usually find me trackside, beer in hand yelling my support. If you've never checked out roller derby, you should - it is awesome to watch and has a wonderful atmosphere.

15 - When I played roller derby, my skate name was Flash Bang Wallop. I wanted a skate name with Flash in it as when I did Camp America in 2005, that was my camp name so I'm used to responding to it. Another skater came up with Flash Bang Wallop because for a year or two, I was the one falling over on skates whilst standing still! The coach would be describing the the drill and suddenly there'd be a crash and I would be on the floor! I got better though, I promise.

16 - I love space stuff and in January I went to a talk by Chris Hadfield, the Canadian astronaut; I even got to meet him after briefly and have him sign my copy of his book. It was fascinating. I have also been to both the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

17 - I love country music. It is becoming more and more popular over here now, which is ace. I went to see Brad Paisley in Stockholm in July and it was amazing. I saw him in Vegas last year and at the O2 in London this year too.

18 - I have five tattoos. A rocket, an astronaut, a roller derby related one, a travel/country music related one with Kacey Musgraves lyrics and 'please' on my inside lip. I always forget I have that last one!

19 - I passed my driving test in October last year. I took lessons before I went to University but never took my test so had to start taking lessons again over ten years later. My main motivation was ROAD TRIPS! Also cottage holidays because getting to the middle of nowhere for a break is hard without a car. This year we have a place booked for a week on a twenty acre estate and I can't wait!

20 - The first holiday I remember going on was when I was 5 and we went to Canada for a family wedding. I remember seeing the plane cockpit, getting a Canada flag pin and playing in the sand at the golf course wedding venue. I haven't been back to Canada since so am super excited to have a Trek America trip booked to Vancouver, Banff, Jasper and Whistler next year.

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