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One negative thing about travelling is often the getting there. It's the three hour wait in an airport, the seven hour flight, the three hour layover, the six hour flight and so on. Nine out of ten times it's cramped, uncomfortable and you (I) end up getting mardy (aka grumpy).


> Download a shit tonne of netflix! I'm talking films, tv series and everything else.

> Download music offline

> Make a list of everything you need to do prior to leaving and work on it if possible: e.g. coursework, uni reading, blog posts etc.

> Bring a book or a kindle (download some books before you leave)

> Bring a hoodie or jacket - air con can be lethal especially on flights

> Wear comfy clothes! Comfort over class

> Bring a neck pillow, memory foam if possible they're heavennn

> Bring an eye mask and ear plugs to block out the sounds of humanity

> Bring a refillable filter water bottle so you can keep hydrated! Makes the whole experience much more tolerable.


Bring an elastic band and fold it around your phone and secure it on the clip that keeps your table upright in flight: stops your neck aching from looking down at your phone. You can also wrap it around headrests etc.

Window seat is best for sleeping, isle seat is best for tall folks to stretch their legs (can't relate to this problem but I've got some tall friends).

Don't eat food on a plane - a kind of self-imposed torture but your body will thank you for it in the long run! Makes you feel waaaay less bloated and ugh.

Plane air con will nearly always give you a cold - haven't figured out a way to combat this so any tips would be useful!

On certain flights there will be empty rows - MOVE! ASAP! These things are like gold-dust and they're snapped up pretty damn quickly. If you're blessed to be small like myself, you can curl up across the seats and get some solid hours of sleeping done.

Mostly just embrace you're gonna be travelling for a long time and that it's likely not going to be the best time of your life, but the destinations are always worth it! Positive mind and positive vibes!

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