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masala chai | tea

One of the main things I miss from India is the unbelievable masala chai they make. Like, literally unreal. So I tried my best to make something similar and it ended up pretty damn good!


x1 cinnamon stick - split in half

x5 cardamon pods - slightly crushed

x1 star of anise

x3 whole cloves

x5 whole peppercorns

a pinch of nutmeg - a good pinch though be brave

x2 tablespoons of sugar - this is really just a case of preference, I love my tea very sweet! So if you don't like sweet tea so much then just put in a pinch

x2 cups of your milk of choice - oat milk is really nice with this but soy or dairy milks work fab too

x2 black teabags


1 - if you haven't already slightly crush the cardamom pods, split your cinnamon stick and measure out two cups of your milk.

2 - combine everything in a pan EXCEPT the sugar and nutmeg.

3 - simmer on low to medium heat (or around 5 if your hob has numbers) for around ten minutes. The pan should look like this:

4 - add in the sugar and nutmeg and simmer for another 5 minutes until it looks like this:

5 - strain in a fancy teapot or through a sieve and voila!

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