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Richmond Castle & River Swale Waterfalls

Most of my adventures lately have been North-wards towards Northumberland, but in a change of pace we drove South towards Richmond, an area that took me totally by surprise! I've been to York before and loved the quirky cobblestone streets, and for some reason I was expecting Richmond to be built up and modern but I was in for a good surprise!

We had a lovely walk down to the River Swale Waterfalls and then up to Richmond Castle. Richmond is such a gorgeous place with such an array of unique shops from home-made fudge stores to shops selling quaint knick-knacks.

Walking around I literally wanted to buy a cute little house at the top of this hill and decorate my front door in a pretty pastel colour and live my life reading books and sipping tea and channelling my cottage-core inspirations.

The streets are so steep and winding in parts, with cobblestones and climbing ivy and plants of all kinds hugging the walls of most houses. It's my favourite kind of place and made for a perfect hour exploring. I cannot WAIT to go back and take my camera and some courage this time and try to capture exactly how stunning Richmond is.

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