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Rievaulx Abbey | North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire is fast becoming one of my favourite places. After a trip to Richmond a month or so ago, I've begun to realise how many lush gems there are hidden in the hills. This time, I was visiting an ancient Abbey nestled in the most gorgeous valley.

The drive down is absolutely stunning once you get off the motorways and into the national park. It's all gorgeous winding country roads and distracting views. It doesn't take too long to get to either, and once you're driving down the last lane it appears out of nowhere on your left: absolutely massive and absolutely breathtaking on a sunny autumn day.

You do have to book a ticket in advance to get in, and at the time of booking tickets were £10 per person which always makes me rethink if I want to visit something so badly, but this place is absolutely worth every pound!

Things were a bit different due to our good friend Rona, but the gift shop is still open and has a lot of tempting bits and bobs to buy. I'm pretty sure the cafe was open too in case you don't bring a bite to eat, but we brought enough to feed a small village as per.

You can choose to have an audioguide that's included in the cost of your ticket and it's worth having as it's actually very interesting without being boring to listen to.

We spent a good few hours here and it's somewhere that I'd honestly probably go again! I struggled to get as many good photos as I would have liked, but here's a few extras:

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