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learning to shoot a gun in vegas

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Oh America. Land of opportunity, delicious coma-inducing food, and guns. Whilst I definitely have certain political views regarding guns and gun ownership, shooting a gun is something I've wanted to do since being a kid and watching endless westerns.

As soon as I was invited to Vegas, I was looking up shooting ranges before I'd even booked the flights. I'm gonna straight up say that I'm a pussy, and whilst the thought of shooting a gun had me thrilled, 9/10th's of me was pure shitting bricks.

So we book a shooting range and some other activities, and the day comes around and of course, it would be no other day than the day after a really atrocious shooting in America. With my political views rearing their head, I didn't know whether this would be a good idea, but hell I'd already paid for it.

Walking into a shooting range is about as terrifying as I expected, and so, feeling like I was in Grand Theft Auto, I chose my guns, my targets, and tried to look like this was the sort of shit I did everyday rather than looking like I was waiting for an MI6 squad to burst through the door.

One thing I absolutely didn't expect is how loud a shooting range is. I'm surprised I didn't build boulder shoulders with the amount of full body flinching I did each time a gun went off (which by the way, was a LOT).

Thankfully my friend went first seeing as I couldn't stop flinching long enough to actually pick the bloody gun up, much to the amusement of our instructor. By the time my turn rolled round, I was a lot calmer, but then the 'oh my fucking god I'm holding a gun' fear kicked in.

It's a very surreal experience knowing you're shooting a gun and so so capable of such damage and destruction if you were so inclined. Serial killer fear aside, it was actually pretty fucking sick to be shooting a gun, and after a few rounds I felt like Rick from The Walking Dead.

Honestly, it was a very eye-opening, humbling and thrilling experience and it's something I'd likely do again if the opportunity came about. Until then though, I'll stick to my cup of tea and leave the guns to the professionals.

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