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Simonside Hills | Northumberland National Park

With the weather supposedly picking up over the next two days of the bank holiday weekend, and a rainy trip to Waskerley Reservoir that day, I was bloody buzzing when I got a 'what you doing tomorrow?' text from Em.

We found ourselves heading to Simonside Hills bright and early the next morning, with a few more places planned for that day too. Car packed with last minute snacks courtesy of Emma, and the two dogs sprawled in the back seat, we set off on the hour and a bit drive.

We made it there pretty uneventfully if we ignore the few missed turns and curb bumps thanks to the drivings skills of yours truly.

With the ideal weather it was the perfect day for exploring. We parked up and followed the red route which took us up the road through some forested areas and then out onto the hills with Simonside Hill itself jutting out at the edges.

We then walked over the tops of the hills to the next before cutting down onto the green track which eventually led us back to the car park. I think it took us around two and a half hours altogether, but we did take a million photos and sat for a while on the impressive crags that jut out.

It's a stunning little loop with a good ascent to 440m on Tosson Hill, adjacent to Simonside Hill. You could definitely walk further and spend a good chunk of your day here, but we had other places to be!

I'll definitely be coming back to Simonside though - it's so stunning especially with all the heather in bloom and it's not too far a drive.  

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