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smol laundry capsules | plastic free laundry detergent

Lately I'm trying to find smaller ways to reduce the amount of plastic in my life which is so much easier said than done when everything lends itself to plastic. Saying that, I've recently switched to using smol laundry capsules and they're actually pretty impressive.

I'd seen them advertised all over my newsfeed and on adverts but never bothered to try them since my Mam is pretty picky with her laundry stuff and I didn't think in a million years she'd use them, but I decided to get a trial and see what she thought.

The trial was free and I only needed to pay like a pound shipping or something crazy like that! It came like a few days later and not only do they smell absolutely lush but the box and container are all cardboard meaning there's literally no waste from these apart from the fuel of the delivery driver. Literally amazing! One of my pet hates is a plastic-free product being shipped in a shit load of plastic!

My mam is actually quite a fan but we haven't switched over to using these exclusively purely and simply because we do an AWFUL lot of washing every week and would probably need two or three boxes per month, but we still use each month's supply and I can never tell the difference between smol capsules and other laundry detergents.

If, and a BIG if, I do eventually move out I'd definitely use these exclusively I'm so thoroughly surprised and impressed by the whole package, and I don't think the price is too bad for a product that's eco-friendly, although my mam disagrees!

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