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where I ate most in Gdansk | niko's spaghetti bar

What seems like a small and inconspicuous restaurant easily became my favourite place to visit for a cheap meal. Located in the busier, more metropolitan area of Wzreckzs, this spaghetti bar is easy to find and get to, and provides a large range of pastas and salads to curb every appetite.

Since there were no English menus available in the bar, the lovely woman behind the counter (whose name I forgot to get) roughly translated all of the dishes for myself and Charlotte, a girl I met from France who was staying in the same hostel.

My favourite was easily spaghetti Bolognese, a commonly chosen one by the number of refills the staff had to make!

The pasta comes in two different sizes/weights, but I chose the smaller size as it’s definitely more than big enough. Served in a black plastic shallow tub it’s easy to dispose of your meal when finished.

The decoration is also worth mentioning in this review. It’s so friendly and open and cute that it’s hard not to love the way the bar is decorated. With high seated stools and quirky ornament arrangements, it’ll fast become a favourite place to eat.

All in all, this spaghetti bar offers hot, delicious food at seriously low prices(!) that’s all wrapped up in a charmingly cute venue with lovely and helpful staff! I know that if I ever visit the Tri-City again I’ll be making this my first stop.

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