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I finally got to see the Taj Mahal

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

It's the first thing people think of when you mention India: it's the iconic white mausoleum known across the world for its beauty and story and inspires romances worldwide. Seeing it up close in person has been something that's been on my bucket list since I was around ten years old and saw a picture of the Taj online and thought to myself how epic it would be to stand there.


COST: 1250 Indian Rupees*

Tickets to the Taj Mahal are pretty cheap at roughly £15 for entry (including entry into the actual mausoleum), and can be bought from any of the entry gates or online. I bought ours online through the official Taj Mahal website. This gives you the option of adding in tickets to other attractions such as Agra Fort.

*this is the price I paid at the time and obviously ticket prices might change


Most people prefer to visit at sunrise or sunset to get the nice lighting for photos, and to avoid the crowds. I'd recommend visiting at 6am, the first available time slot as the Taj Mahal is gorgeous against the orange sun.

If you can stand the mid-day heat the Taj always looked pretty quiet between 12 and 2pm.


It doesn't really matter which gate you enter through as they all bring you into the same courtyard to enter the Taj Mahal. I'd just go with the closest gate to your accommodation, especially if you're travelling alone and going for sunrise.


It was truly incredible to see such an iconic landmark up close and personal, especially after you've dreamed of seeing it for literally half of your life! The crowds are pretty mental when you visit which ruins the serenity a little, but the grounds are plenty big that you can sit and take it all in in peace.


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