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useful apps for travelling

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

I can't count the number of times I've relied on Google Maps to get me to where I need to be, or the number of times I've grabbed an Uber when I didn't want to walk through a sketchy area at night. It's fair to say the internet and apps can make or break you when travelling, so these are ones I use pretty much every damn day.


>MAPS.ME - this is essentially Google Maps but it works offline

> GOOGLE MAPS - pretty self explanatory but this app is bloody mint for getting around!


>GRAB/LYFT/UBER - All very well known and used in SE Asia - can be more expensive than a taxi but it's useful to check how much a journey should roughly be to avoid being ripped off. If it's 100 baht on Grab, don't accept a 200 baht taxi ride.

>SKYSCANNER - probably the most popular flight booking app and usually has the cheapest flights! Other options worth looking into are Momondo and Kayak.

I mostly book tickets to and from places from tour operators in the area I'm staying as they tend to be cheapest, but 12go.asia is a fab website for booking busses, flights, trains etc.!


>HOSTELWORLD - pretty much all I use to book accommodation, especially hostels. Has a tonne of filters and options and is usually the cheapest.

> AIRBNB - pretty upmarket for most backpackers but can come in handy in places where you want to splash out and get an apartment or want to rent a villa with a group.

> BOOKING.COM - Super popular, has a lot of options from villas to hostels and can sometimes be cheaper so it's worth checking.

Agoda is another option for last minute, but more upscale accommodation. Hotels list their rooms for big discounted rates in order to fill them.


> GOOGLE TRANSLATE - amazing little app! You can also download the majority of languages for offline use. This app can interpret conversations and menus too!

> CURRENCY CONVERTER - Any will do but they're super useful to have! I check prices in GBP before I buy and make sure I'm getting a good conversion rate when I exchange money.

I quite often use Culture Trip too for saving articles with information about what to do in places etc.

If you use any I haven't mentioned, please, please let me know and help make my life easier and keep my mam's stress levels down! X

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