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vang vieng's iconic viewpoint but better

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

The scenery in Vang Vieng is quite simply incredible. Flat plains overshadowed by mountains that rise out of the ground like daggers every couple of miles. One of the best ways to appreciate Vang Vieng is to check out one of the many viewpoints!

There's a super famous one that you'll have likely seen pictured with the motorbike in the foreground, but just behind here is another mountain that is practically deserted and made for the best experience.

- getting there -

I shared a motorbike with a guy I met here in Vang Vieng and I won't lie we found this place by total accident after agreeing I can't navigate for shit and so we should just follow random roads and see where we end up.

We saw the famous one but neither of us were in the mood for a hike so we carried on another few minutes down the road to what we thought would be a lower viewpoint - spoiler alert: there's no such thing!

There wasn't another soul in sight for the roughly two hours we were there, and be sure to bring the exact change for the entry (20,000 kip if I remember rightly) as the lady there didn't have change.

- the hike -

The hike up is pretty sketchy at times with wooden planks over crevices and the path being mostly big stones and boulders, but it's SUCH an adventure and the hike up is absolutely worth the buckets of sweat you'll no doubt lose on the way.

I didn't take any photos on the way up since I'm an absolute clumsy liability and didn't dare risk my camera!

At the top you're rewarded with stunning panoramic views, absolutely no people, and the perfect spot for a nap or a picnic. In the distance you can see the famous view point and it's a pretty smug feeling knowing you have a whole epic viewpoint to yourself!

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