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Updated: Aug 26, 2020

First things first: get yourself a hanging toiletries bag, or at least one that can be modified to be hung up because trust me shelf space or space in general that's a) clean, and b) not gonna get soaking wet, is very rare in hostels.

Secondly, take way less than you think you'll need because you'll only end up throwing half of it away before your second week is up.


I try to use bars whenever I can instead of bottles because typically they last longer, are smaller and take up less space and weight, and they're less plastic we can chuck into the Earth when we're done with it so it's always a win-win!

- shampoo

- conditioner

- soap

- shower flannel/doofer

- razor and spare blades

- deodorant

- perfume/aftershave

- electric toothbrush (don't forget the charger)

- toothpaste

- microfibre towel (basically travel towels that dry super quick n don't stink if they don't get washed for a while)

- sun lotion (it costs a bomb out here so bring plenty with you!)

- after sun lotion (for when you inevitably underestimate the Thai sun)


- tampons: bring your fave kind because you'll likely not be able to get them easily.

- moisturiser: one thing I always forget to bring but worth bringing out because most products in Asia have skin whitening agents in them!

- makeup: I honestly wouldn't bother you'll sweat it off! Mascara and eyebrow product at most.

- hair stuff: bobbles and a travel-sized brush etc.

- a travel sewing kit: sounds ridiculous but the amount of rips and holes you'll get in things will make you super glad you brought one

- beard trimmer if you have a beard

- small scissors: again you'll likely use these ALL the time


Apart from the above I'd say take what you fancy bringing but don't take anything you haven't used in a week because chances are, if you don't use it at home you're sure as hell not going to use it anywhere else in the world!

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