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why you should be using a filter water bottle

Filter bottles have been around a while now, listed and recommended on pretty much every travel, outdoors and hiking website. I’ve seen plenty of videos boasting how amazing filter bottles are, how long they last and unlike their plastic water bottle counterparts, how little they impact on our environment.

I’ll admit, until I started enjoying walking and hiking more and more, I’d never seriously thought of buying a filter bottle. I mean how often would I use it?

However since I have decided to buy one of the most popular branded filter bottles, I can safely say that it’s one of the best things I’ve bought in a long time!

Before buying a filter bottle I had no real clue about what they work or how they work.

Why would you need a filter water bottle?

How do they work?

Do you need to buy the filters?

Do you need to activate the filters?

What if the filter doesn’t work and I have no way of telling?

Which brand do I choose amidst the sea of filter bottles?


Essentially, all filter bottles work along the same lines. They filter water to make it potable, safe and taste better. This is very handy if you are backpacking, hiking, camping and /or travelling in countries where the tap water isn’t safe to drink.

Filter water bottles therefore do away with the need to chemically treat or boil non-potable water, which are the old methods or accessing drinking water in remote parts of the world.

These old methods were generally expensive, time-consuming, fiddly, non-sustainable and made the water taste awful. Filter Water bottles are known of the above. Cost-effective, simple, hassle-free and reusable, these new inventions give you great tasting water every time, by way of filter that safely traps any nasties.

The filters in all such water bottles work the same way, they process a certain amount of water within a specific time frame, after which you have to replace the filter.


With so many different brands of filter bottles on the market, I choose to go for the product I’d seen and heard the most about: Water-To-Go.

Firstly, I loved how there were so many different designs and colours of bottles to choose from within the water-to-go range.I also love their simple and clear instructions when it comes to activating the filter because, if you’re anything like me with an awful habit of breaking things before you’ve even got them out of the wrapping, good instructions are a godsend!

However, I think the main deciding factor for me was that the Water-To-Go filter bottles come with a tracker that lets you know when it’s time to replace the filter. This is SUPER handy for forgetful people like myself!

But the question remains, are Water-To-Go Filter Bottles worth it?


I’ll admit that when I first bought my Water-To-Go filter bottle, I did wonder how often I was actually going to use it. And the answer, I’m delighted to conceded is …. all the bloody time!

Yes, I now use my filter bottle on a daily basis. It’s actually become my go-to water bottle, even when I’m not travelling or filling it up from a natural stream or river.

The brilliant thing about this bottle is that it’s so simple and easy to use that you forget all about it being a filter bottle! It’s quick to fill it - whether from the tap, a lake or a stream, and incredibly compact.

Yes, one of the more surprising things about the Water-To-Go bottle is how well it actually fits into a bag, or even a pocket in my case! Yet, the best thing, by far about the practicality of this filter bottle, is that it means you no longer have to carry big bottles of water on long treks, hikes, walks or day trips. That sort of inconvenience is now forever a thing of the past … and I couldn’t be happier!


How long your filter will last honestly depends on the brand of filter bottle you get, as well as the size. With Water-To-Go, there are two main sizes: a 50cl bottle or a 75cl bottle. The smaller bottle filters 130l of water, whilst the bigger bottle filters 200l of water.

As I’ve mentioned, the timer included with this particular brand lets you know when you need to replace your filter (which for the 50cl bottle is roughly every two months). If you’re only going to use your filter bottle for a day trip here and there, then you certainly aren’t going to get your money’s worth and use out of the filters.

As such, I would suggest using the filter bottle as much as possible - whether you’re kick-starting your New Year’s Resolutions early in the gym or taking the dog for a quick walk, a Water-To-Go is the perfect accessory!


On top of all of this, perhaps one of the most important factors in buying a filter bottle is that it eliminates the need to keep buying disposable bottles of water.

Not only do throwaway bottles of water cost you money (which, depending whereabouts in the world you are, can amount to a fair bit!) but they also contribute to the masses of waste accumulated every day.

As we know, a lot of these plastic bottles end up in the ocean. After all, we’ve all seen those horribly depressing images of islands made entirely from trash floating in our beautiful seas and waterway. Personally, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked down a beach only to find plastic bottles and six pack beer cans every five steps.

Or how many times I’ve freaked out when something has wrapped around my ankle whilst I’ve been swimming and thought that it was finally the moment a deep sea creature had got me, only to unhook a plastic bag from around my foot.

The best thing about the Water-To-Go filter bottle therefore is that it significantly lowers your contribution to the pollution of our oceans. Instead, buying a Water-To-Go filter bottle actively lessens your impact on the environment! The only negative to filter bottles is the wastage from the filter itself.

Yet, when you compare this to the amount of waste you’d build up from buying bottled water for two months, the difference is all too obvious.

Long story short, the Water-To-Go filter bottles are amazing! They’re durable, small and not only filter the water you drink, but also take away any nasty tastes you might get too. This is especially helpful if you’re filling up your filter bottles from lakes, streams or in countries where the tap water isn’t the best.

Filter water bottles are also actively saving our oceans from plastic bottles and by getting yourself one, you could be helping support this precious environment too. So, what more could you want?

If you’re looking for my recommendation, then yes, Water-To-Go Filter Bottles are certainly worth it.

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