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Wild Swimming on Holy Island

Is there anything better than a warm day, a swim in the ocean and watching the sunset followed by pizza by the pier? Autumn is definitely starting to make her presence known, but a few weeks ago we had one last day of summer warmth and myself and a friend decided to make the most of it.

Holy Island has been on my list for a good while, but so had swimming in the ocean/swimming outdoors here in the UK. Armed with family sized bags of squashies we set off mid-afternoon to make sure the tide would be out and the crossing to Holy Island possible.

We didn't go all the way onto Holy Island, but stopped somewhere along the causeway instead. It's so endlessly gorgeous here with white sand dunes and dry grasses that blow in the wind. I was absolutely in my element.

For such a gorgeous stretch of beach we had the place to ourselves for the whole afternoon into evening. Once we dumped our bags we braved the cold and plunged into the ocean and for all it was freezing at first, it was genuinely one of the most freeing and invigorating experiences I think I've ever had.

It was such bliss to swim and float and bake in the afternoon sunshine before we wrapped up in jumpers and joggers and caught the sunset from the top of the dunes.

We stopped and got pizza on our way home and ate it by the docks before we drove home, my headlights cutting in and out as they seem to be doing lately. That being said, it was such an incredible afternoon.

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